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Monica Burnett: Bio

Wow...I have finally finished my 3rd CD!!!18 months in the making. But yes it's done. Now just to get photos and design the package and make it into a physical CD. I am making some vinyl this time as well as CD's!
Its been great recording alot in my home studio and now working some with engineer/musician Hank Linderman.

Monica finished her second CD, “HAND STORIES” April 2007, and her new single, “HIGHWAY”, was released last fall 07 and played on 28 radio stations in the USA!

Monica co-wrote and performed "HIGHWAY" with her husband, Kevin Michael Richardson. KEvin M. Richardson also can heard voicing Cleveland Jr. adn Lester on the new hit series "The Cleveland Show"

“HIGHWAY” might be called Urban/Folk for its Hip/Hop loop featuring the booming deep voice and rap of the infamous actor, Kevin Michael Richardson, intertwining with Monica’s equally soothing folk/pop vocals.

"HIGHWAY" was engineered by Grammy Nominated- Greg Morganstein. Kevin Michael Richardson was seen last season on ABC’s KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY and plays the voice of The Joker on THE BATMAN SERIES, along with hundreds of other animated roles. Catch him coming soon starring on the new A&E show "CLEANER"!

Monica worked with some of the top musicians in the making of this new CD, "HAND STORIES". Dan Sistos played guitar on the album. Tim Pierce (credits include Faith Hill, Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman) played guitar on "Carry Me Home". Burleigh Drummond played percussion while Mike Schmid (currently touring with Hannah Montana) played piano and produced two tracks "Since You’ve Asked" and "Iraq".

Monica Richardson (aka Monica Burnett) released her first CD "ONE MORE" in 2002. Monica came to Los Angeles to study acting and to sing. While auditioning for local shows, Monica met an agent who even sent her to sing in Japan where she sang with a jazz trio, performing classic american songs. Returning to the States, Monica then gave birth to her first son, and went to an audition with him in her arms and got the job! With her second child, she performed pregnant till she could no longer hold the guitar over her belly. After he was born, she continued to play music in local cafes and coffee houses. Monica grew up in New York City. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Monica re recorded "DONT BE AFRAID" With Hank,Linderman, Michael Martinssen and Ricky Rodriquez. It will be on her new Album.

"DONT BE AFRAID" is about never giving up on your dreams... about looking back and forgiving oneself!